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16x2 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

16x2 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Front of the 128x64 display module

128x64 OLED Display Yel/Blu

USB 2.0 Cable 10 Foot Type A Male to Type B Male

USB 2.0 Cable Type A Male to Type B Male - 10 FT

Multimeter Security Banana Plug To Test Hook Clip Probe Lead Cable 500V

Multimeter Security Banana Plug To Test Hook Clip Probe Lead Cable 500V

3 Foot USB Cable Type A to USB Cable Type A

USB Cable Type A Male to USB Type A Male - 3 FT

Tumbnail: 62 oz-in NEMA 17 Stepping motors (also called stepper motor)

NEMA 17 Stepping Motor (62 oz-in 5mm single shaft)

$19.95 Out of Stock
Image of the Atmega324p


10K timmer potentiometer

10K Trimmer Potentiometer (Through Hole)

White prototyping breadboard with 30 tie strips and two power rails on each side.

White Prototyping Breadboard (2x30 columns of tie strips and 2x2 rows of power strips)


Programming and Result: Creating a Functions to Display a Number or String at a Specified Location on the LCD

Using the commands and sending characters to the LCD to put a number on the screen at a specified location takes a few lines of code, where this is not necessary. The code can be put into a function since it will be used quite often.
The two functions are as follows:

void Send_A_StringToMrLCDWithLocation(uint8_t x, uint8_t y, char *StringOfCharacters)
GotoMrLCDsLocation(x, y);

void Send_An_IntegerToMrLCD(uint8_t x, uint8_t y, int IntegerToDisplay , char NumberOfDigits)
char StringToDisplay[NumberOfDigits];
itoa(IntegerToDisplay, StringToDisplay, 10);
GotoMrLCDsLocation(x, y);
for (int i=0; i (less than symbol) NumberOfDigits;i++) Send_A_String(" ");
Send_A_StringToMrLCDWithLocation(x, y, StringToDisplay);

The (less than symbol) isthe actualy symbol, not the phrase in the parenthesis.
Response From: arif khan

can you please make a video on systick timer to blink an led in stm32 micro
Response From: william010

Thank you so much for this great website. I study the micro-tutorial one lesson at a time in following order and the end-results are fine. I noticed however that in "FUNCTION TO DISPLAY INTEGERS" you seem to skip a few lessons ? The ADC was not mentioned before but it is already part of this video. In the end I figured it out so it is not a big problem. I was just a little surprised and confused about it and wonder if you yourself have noticed it ?


Wim (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

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